What day is it today?

Everyday Living on Tuesday, 30 May 2017.

What day is it today?

We have lots of conversations about keeping track of time and day in Dementia Circle sessions - its a challenge for us all! Day/date/time clocks were one of the first products we were asked for and its not easy to find a good one (we have tested a fair few) In Ayr we are building quite a collection of different models as part of our product display (POD) All our clocks are reviewed by our tester families and the good and bad points are pointed out with gentle but pointed honesty. Some folks find a second hand distracting, it can be confused with the minute hand. Some clocks are too noisy so its good to try them out in a quiet space before you buy them and then have to cover them with pillows to hear yourself think! Numbers on the clock face seem to work better than dots or roman numerals for most people and a good contrast in tone helps visibility. TIP: If you buy a day/date/ time clock check if it will adjust automatically for the different month lengths - otherwise every month you will need to reset the date . . . . The most interesting finding is that talking watches and clocks which speak in analogue time can be a huge help to those who have lost the understanding of what they see on the clock face. This can happen quite early in the journey so worth keeping in mind if you are finding that telling the time is becoming a challenge. PS so far the habitat clock is the favourite - because it has a big day and date!

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