Banking, socks and Power of Attorney

Everyday Living on Tuesday, 30 May 2017.

Banking, socks and Power of Attorney

We cover it all in our down to earth discussions with Ayr tester teams.
Today we spent the morning session comparing the teams experiences of getting and using Power of Attorney. The challenges of an 89 day wait to have it processed when your person is in a vulnerable position seem a little overwhelming!
We all felt P.o.A was a good thing to have in place and several of the team have used it to good effect, particularly with financial affairs. BUT how do you know what to do and when to do it? If anyone has some good sources of reliable up to date advice out there please let us know !

We also shared stories of banking - both good and bad, remembering days when bank managers knew their customers and could help when people became vulnerable. Stories of fraud and concerns over contactless payment cards made us pause and consider just how difficult managing money can be when you live with Dementia - a topic for further exploration we thought!

We lightened the mood with a great review of socks by our star technical tester. We had previously discussed how useful socks with coloured toe and heel might be when folks are trying to orient socks on feet with ageing eyes. So our team dutifully set out to see how much of a difference they make and feedback was GOOD. We found that soft elastic that allows the socks to stretch easily is good, a high % of cotton gave good comfort - keeping feet at a good temperature (neither too hot or too cold) and that having the contrast toe and heel makes it easier to put socks on your own feet and also someone elses.
Its easy to forget how much we do by feel when putting on our own clothes - something that is missing when you help someone else get dressed. The contrast toe and heel shows when the sock is in the right place on the foot - we hope ensuring a comfortable fit and help you find the top of the sock more easily. A real winner we decided for both men and women!

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