The Digital Leadership Team at Alzheimer Scotland has developed a lifelong learning program based on the Scottish Social Services Council Open Badges and 23 things system.  Confident Conversations about Technology follows a blended approach for practitioners, volunteers and carers which was delivered, in its first phase, across Scotland over 2 years thanks to funding from the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Fund, to over 1600 people.

The innovative, interactive, empowering and engaging programme successfully created a movement for positive change across all sectors of health and social care about how technology and digital solutions can be embedded into everyday discussions about living well with a diagnosis.

Have a look at the videos to learn more. If you or your organisation would like to take part in the learning program send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Confident Conversations about Technology – our story so far…

Throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018 we dreamed, developed and demonstrated that a change in culture is created by positive storytelling from influential and inspiring individuals.  This mantra is evidenced by our widespread recognition as well as the reflections detailed by delegates, using SSSC open badges, who have passed through the programme and continue to be friends and advocates of the work our team is cultivating.  Alongside the ever increasing number of families who inform our work, we will continue to feed the growing need for appropriate, up to date and accessible resources, leading the decisions of the future.

The Confident Conversations about Technology learning programme has created pathways to digital leadership for over 1600 practitioners across health and social care, housing, NHS, third and private sectors including volunteers and unpaid carers - critically voicing and promoting the rights and wishes of citizens living with dementia.

We would like to thank all our delivery partners.  But mostly we would like the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions and unwavering support from the people living with dementia who inspire us every day and showcase how their experiences are valued and can influence change.

The best way to predict the future, is to create it. This is our aim.

Below, a selection of pictures from our pilot learning day in Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre.

Our Partners:

Technology Enabled Care
Scottish Government
Scottish Social Services Council
Scottish Fire and Rescue
Scottish Dementia Working Group

Please read these reflective examples from our delegates and let the experiences speak for themselves -


"The course enabled me to gain a more in depth knowledge and understanding of the products available and to have a hands on experience. Products can be high or low tech to assist with everyday living activities. There is a large range of choice available and giving accurate information on tested products available may help people make an informed choice on ways technology can assist daily living and provide reassurance to family members. I especially liked the Amazon Echo for delivering voice reminders, audio books, music and hassle free calling. Systems like this can benefit those wishing to live as independently as possible as long as they can. It can be costly to have a service put in place to assist with medications or meal prompting. Monitoring systems such as the Canary can help provide reassurance to families and the person with dementia without being too intrusive and provides an objective picture of habits and predictive changes in behaviours. GPS systems continue to be very valuable in locating an individual if they become disorientated or lost whilst enabling them to still get out and about. I believe that technology will continue to play an important part in developing ways to promote and maintain independent living. 

The course will impact my practice by continuing to discuss best options available to suit individual needs and requirements in a more confident and knowledgeable manner. I am also now more aware of Dementia Circle and how they can help interested parties trial available technology before the expense of buying. I enjoyed the hands on experience of the training best. There was nothing I did not enjoy about the course, I found it all interesting."


"During the event I had the opportunity to hear from people  with dementia actively and effectively using technology and how much it had changed their lives. I got a national and local perspective on developments in policy and strategy and was able to see how this is working in context. I also met and introduced myself to other colleagues attending the events and talked about how we could put equipment to good use in our services.

I took leaflets back to my place of work and had a team meeting with staff about technology and how we could involve service users and carers. I enjoyed the learning event due to its informal, informative nature."


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