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  • What does it do?:

    Monitors, movement, temperature and light levels in a domestic home and sends data to a device of your choice

    Allows you to build up a picture of someone's routine, and be able to identify changes


  • What’s the problem?:

    Monitoring data builds an accurate picture of a persons real routine picking up activities they may be unaware of.  This can be used to design appropriate care packages.

    Helps a family keep track of someone living with dementia on their own.

    Illustrates differences in routine which could indicate unseen changes in condition.

  • Manufacturer:

    Canary Care

  • Approximate cost: From £300 purchase, then £5 per week. Rental options available. 30 day free trial
  • 2 years ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    **This is a home test review posted on behalf of the family who took part.
    We loved it. Very reassuring to know if Mum was in, out or safely in bed.
    We had no idea of the daily routine and it filled in the blanks.
    What our Testers Disliked
    We had a bit of difficulty getting alarms to send through to a phone,
    What our Testers Said
    Loved it, and we want to keep using it.
    Overall Experience
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    2 years ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    **This review is a combination of opinions drawn from our testing groups across Scotland.
    Seen as a useful tool for people living with dementia who have remote carers, good to be able to check if your person is warm enough.
    Liked the door sensor which could alert if someone had left doors open and/or left the house.
    What is Interesting
    The group felt there needs to be more parts to this system if family is managing the response.
    Setting up a response plan was seen as essential if family are not immediately on hand.
    The group were positive about this level of monitoring having no objection to having it in their homes should the need arise
    What our Testers Said
    The product was not appropriate for the testing groups, who all had onsite support, however they saw real benefits for families caring remotely.
    Overall Experience
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