Canary Care

  • What does it do?:

    It monitors movement, temperature and light levels in a domestic home. It sends data insights and alerts to a device of your choice.

  • What’s the problem?:

    Making sure your loved one is safe and well can be time consuming, and if relying on technology, monitoring can be intrusive. 

  • What our testers liked:

    Monitoring data builds an accurate picture of a persons real routine picking up activities they may be unaware of.  This can be used to design appropriate care packages. Helps a family keep track of someone living with dementia on their own. Illustrates differences in routine which could indicate unseen changes in condition. 
    A useful tool for a remote carers, it's good to be able to check if your person is warm enough. The group liked the door sensor, which could alert if someone had left doors open.

  • What is interesting:
  • The group felt there needs to be more parts to this system, if family is managing the response.
  • The group were positive about this level of monitoring having no objection to having it in their homes, should the need arise.
  • What our testers said:

    "We can see real benefits for families caring remotely."

  • Manufacturer:

    Canary Care

  • Approximate cost: £120

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