Aennon 10LED Motion Sensor

Aennon 10LED Motion Sensor

  • What does it do?:
    • It's a light with a motion sensor: It switches itself on when it detects movement. Unlike others, the on/off switch is hidden and cannot be switched off unless you take the light apart.
  • What’s the problem?:

    Sensor lights may be positioned strategically to shed some light when you get up at night. However, sometimes they're switched off at the main. 

  • What our testers liked:

    It’s easy to setup and you don’t need any tools to attach it to the wall (there is a strong double sided tape in the box).

    You can’t switch it off completely, unless you open it.

    The light can swivel 360 degrees so you can position it as you wish.

  • What our testers disliked:

    Unfortunately this is now out of production. 

  • What our testers said:

    “The sensor senses up to 10 feet, which is quite reasonable.”

    Its packaging is easy to open and the first impression is: "what the heck is it?"
    It takes a little to work out how to take it all apart, but once you worked it out, you realise it’s pretty straight forward.
    It requires batteries and there is an on/off switch inside which is not terribly clear, but again, once you try the different options it’s fairly straight forward.
    Instructions are a Black and White A4 piece of paper. The instructions are more of a tech spec sheet, so it's trial and error. However, it’s a simple product and there's not much that can go wrong. The sensor senses up to 10" , which is quite reasonable. It doesn't say how long the batteries would last, but since it's LED , they should last.
    You can use it indoor and outdoor.
    The box also includes a little bag with wall plugs.


  • Manufacturer:


  • Approximate cost: £15

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