Retractable Keyring Retractable Keyring Retractable Keyring

Retractable Keyring

  • What does it do?:

    It allows you to keep your keys on you, e.g. on your belt.

  • What’s the problem?:

    Misplacing keys, or going out without them. 

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  • Approximate cost: £3
  • 2 years ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    **This review is a combination of opinions drawn from our testing groups across Scotland.
    It has a belt clip at the back which prevents you to lose your keys.
    The belt clip allows you to fasten it to other places e.g.: a ladies bag or a rucksack.
    What our Testers Disliked
    If you clip the keyring to your belt, you must keep your keys in your pocket. This may be annoying when you have quite a lot of keys.
    What is Interesting
    It allows you to keep your keys with you at all times.
    What our Testers Said
    My husband raved so much about it that I bought one myself and clipped it inside my handbag.
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