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  • What does it do?:

    It's a very simple, bespoke mobile phone. It allows you to make calls when you're out and about. 

  • What’s the problem?:

    Mobile phones are sometimes to complex to use and they don't have photo buttons. 

  • What our testers liked:
    • The phone it’s fully customisable, with either names, photos or simply an emergency button.

    • Handy laniard allows you to keep your phone close and hear it.

    • Easy one press dialling or answering.

    • Different airtime plans and prices available.

    • Great, UK based customer service.

    • Available in Braille

  • What our testers disliked:

    Due to its popularity and since the phone is made to order, it can take up to five weeks before you get it delivered. 

  • What is interesting:
  • Very easy and straight forward purchasing experience.
  • What our testers said:

    "The phone it’s very easy to use, and ordering it online was straightforward."



    We ordered the phone on line, it arrived promptly, packaged very well


    As the phone is ‘custom made’ on your specification, the set up was done online , while ordering it.
    The process was very simple and straightforward, with step-by-step instructions, images and colour coded steps.
    We went for ‘4 names’ design, but we liked the one with 4 pictures too.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION (after2 weeks)

    The phone is great, it’s lightweight, very easy to use, the ringtone is quite loud and I’m not quite sure how to change it. However, the ringtone being loud means that my husband can hear it no problem, sometimes even when he’s in the garden.

    There is an on- off button that lights up which is quite good, so you know if the phone is on or off.

    My only concern is that there is no “ screen lock ” feature and I hope this is not a problem.

  • Manufacturer:


  • Approximate cost: £75

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