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My Home Helper

  • What does it do?:

    Holds and displays information in one place.  

    Very flexible display that can be customised to suit you by connecting to the internet

    Includes a day clock, diary, photos, news headlines, appointments and video calling

    Alerts can be set to require a response

    Voice reminders and time can be set

  • What’s the problem?:

    You need something to help you keep your appointments in order

    You sometimes forget to eat or drink

    You want to know what time or what part of the day it is

    You want to be able to see what is going to be happening over the next few days


  • Manufacturer:

    My Home Helper

  • Approximate cost: £200
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    9 months ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    It was very useful to be able to access it online at any time especially if I had been making appointments for my Mum - I would just log in and add an event or reminder immediately. Being able to put photos beside certain reminders was very good too. When she was due to go to the dementia day centre I put a photo of the dementia advisor with the reminder so this really focused Mum and made the link between Nadia and where she was going.

    It was set up so that my mum didn’t have to interact with it, just read it which she was more than happy to do. It was good to have different text colours for each reminder so that it didn’t go stale and kept it interesting. I had to contact the helpdesk, which was very quick at responding and very good at helping me through an issue to do with video calling and a colour issue which just seemed to be IOS iphone specific.

    What our Testers Disliked
    The only issue I had was uploading photos which sometimes seems a bit fiddly but didn’t stop the functionality of it.
    It is quite expensive but worth it if it is the right thing that is needed.
    What our Testers Said
    This has been really helpful to test and I would recommend it to other families to use in caring for someone with dementia.
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