Geemarc Easy 10 Remote

Geemarc Easy 10 Remote

  • What does it do?:
    • It allows you to control two different devices, e.g. a TV and a DVD player with the same remote control.
    • Very simple instructions make it easy to setup.
    • Volume and program buttons are extra large, therefore easy to see and operate.
  • What’s the problem?:

    Too many remote controls! They're all too similar to each other, with too many buttons, and too confusing! 

  • Manufacturer:


  • Approximate cost: £10
  • 1 years ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    **This is a home test review posted on behalf of the family who took part.
    The instructions were very easy to follow and it didn't take long to setup.
    My new recorder has a remote and a huge (99 pages) instruction book! For this remote, all the instructions fit in a A4 page, including a picture of the remote, with arrows pointing at functions and buttons.
    The instructions are also in English on one page and other two languages on the reverse. That makes it easier to read and less confusing than the other remote instructions.
    I haven't use it extensively, but it's easier than the previous one.
    It's very light, it's nice to handle.
    What our Testers Disliked
    It didn't come with batteries.
    What is Interesting
    One of the other good things about this remote is that it's got an A and B buttons, so you can control more than one device. I'd be nice to find out if it works, as I could put away the other 2 controllers away.
    What our Testers Said
    Buttons are a nice size and you can see them. By comparison, the recorder remote control has the buttons too close together and I often press the wrong one. This one it's much easier to use and you almost certainly press the right button.
    Overall Experience
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    1 years ago.
    What our Testers Liked
    **This review is a combination of opinions drawn from our testing groups across Scotland.
    With only one remote control, you control two devices.
    It worked with TV and DVD player, or TV and VHS, or TV and Freeview.
    It's very affordable.
    The instructions are very short and clear.
    What our Testers Disliked
    The numbers 0-9 on the remote control are too confusing.
    What is Interesting
    It’s easy to setup and to operate.
    It doesn't control Sky or Virgin TV boxes
    What our Testers Said
    I think that for £9.99 it's a steal! Everyone should have one!
    Overall Experience
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