Feel the Warmth Far Infrared Heat Belt Feel the Warmth Far Infrared Heat Belt

Feel the Warmth Far Infrared Heat Belt

  • What does it do?:

    A heated wearable belt that warms your back.  Also available as a jacket or to be attached to your own clothing.

  • What’s the problem?:

    You worry about getting cold when you are out, getting lost and not being dressed for the cold, or enjoy being out in the garden or at outdoor activities like football, but need to keep warm.

    You don't feel the heat in your house well because you're not moving around much.

  • What our testers liked:

    Very comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off

    Maintains a gentle, even heat

    No risk of burning yourself when wearing, or burning your hands when filling a hot water bottle

  • What our testers disliked:

    A little bit expensive to buy at the moment

  • What our testers said:

    Home testing awaiting review

  • Manufacturer:

    Feel the Warmth Scotland

  • Approximate cost: £79

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