Doro Remote Control

Doro Remote Control

  • What does it do?:

    It's a very simple remote control. It allows you to watch your TV with ease.


  • What’s the problem?:

    Trying to operate the TV with ordinary remote controls can be very confusing and frustrating. There are often too many buttons, too small, and not easy to see / understand.

  • What our testers liked:

    Very few buttons make using the remote intuitive and easy. The buttons are also quite large and easy to see and press.

    It's designed ergonomically and it's really smooth, it's a pleasure to handle. 

    It's universal, but can't be used in conjunction with Sky TV.

  • What our testers disliked:

    It's not compatible with Sky TV.

    Setting it up was not very straightforward. 

  • What is interesting:
  • it looks different from other remotes, which are usually black or silver.
  • What our testers said:

    "I love this remote control!"


    The remote was in a cardboard box with the instruction booklet. Easy to access and use.


    The batteries were already in the remote. I tried to set up the remote to control my TV but I couldn't work it out. The instructions weren't clear and I phoned for assistance several times without success. I was at the point of giving up and take it back when eventually some assistance came to my house and set it up for me.

     OVERALL IMPRESSION (After 2 weeks)

    The remote works brilliantly now, and I can clearly see the buttons. As I am visually impaired, I find this remote much easier to use than the old one. However, my wife who has dementia, doesn't use it . I usually set the program she wants to watch.

     MY FINAL VERDICT (After 3 months)

    I love this remote control and I have now bought it. It makes watching TV so much easier and pleasurable. I will recommend it, especially if you have sight problems.


    "The remote is a great idea but the set up is definitely a nightmare."


    The multiplicity of languages is somewhat daunting, otherwise I found the packaging fine. Strong, practical and easy to open.
    I would improve the packaging Increasing the size of print and putting it in one language ( English). This could be less confusing to an apprehensive reader.


    "Handle Easy" is obvious on the box, but on the handset it is called "Doro". This is confusing! I'd suggest to use one name, in the same font for clarity.
    I tried to set the product up myself, but I was unable to make sense of it at all, so I asked my 26 year old son who was visiting. He is an honours degree graduate and very "techie" as boys of that age are , he failed too!!
    The remote is a great idea but the setup is definitely a nightmare.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION (After 2 weeks)

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to set up the remote, so I couldn't use it at all.
    I didn't realize that the remote doesn't work with Sky, but only with a simple 'free-view box'.
    I am disappointed about set up because the concept of simplifying the kit and getting rid of all the surplus buttons was attractive to me. I just want 5 or 6 buttons for channels, volume, brightness etc.

  • Manufacturer:


  • Approximate cost: £25

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