Brew 2 Go

Brew 2 Go

  • What does it do?:
    • It's a large cup which looks like a beer. It has a good grip and a lid to prevent spillage.
  • What’s the problem?:

    Keeping hydrated and finding a closed cup that is not a two handled beaker. 

  • What our testers liked:
    • Large cup encourages you to keep hydrated.
    • Good grip allows you to hold it firmly
    • The coloured lid comes in different colours and it stands out, creating good contrast.
    • The lid has a little spout to facilitate mouth support
    • The lid has a hollow part to accommodate the nose whilst drinking.
    • It looks fun! like a bottle of beer!
  • What our testers disliked:

    The lid design might not work for some. 

  • What is interesting:
  • The range comes in different sizes, shapes and colours. Some are the shape of a wine glass. We liked these cups as they are humorous and encourage hydration.
  • What our testers said:

    "Great for hydration, but the lid design wasn’t good for Neil, as it kept spilling juice."


    Unpacking the cup was straight forward, it comes in a cardboard box.


    OVERALL IMPRESSION (after2 weeks)

    The first thing you notice it’s how big the cup is (1 pint) , which is great because Neil is often dehydrated. The cup has also a good grip, and the coloured lid makes it easier to see. Also the lid has a little spout to facilitate mouth support, and a hollow part to accommodate the nose whilst drinking. This means you can tip it with ease even if you are lying in bed. The lid and the spout prevent spillage to an extent, but if Neil tips it a little too much juice will overflow.

    MY FINAL VERDICT (after 3 months)

    The cup is large, so it’s great for hydration, but some may find it heavy to lift. However the good grip might help. Unfortunately the lid design wasn’t good for Neil, as it kept spilling juice.

  • Approximate cost: £9

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