Design for Digital - An innovative, evidence-based digital solution consultancy offering from Alzheimer Scotland. 

We are the Digital Leadership Team at Alzheimer Scotland, and we offer you our professional, human centred experience in dementia care, support, service design and transformation.

Our local, national and international work is inspired and informed by families living with dementia and the professionals supporting them.  Leading with a human-rights based approach, we advocate informed choice, respect and freedom from discrimination, and have a deep understanding of the wants and needs of people living with dementia.

Our work has included the shaping of national and local strategies to ensure access to personalised supports, working with corporate partners and manufacturers to create physical and digital products that work for people living with dementia, design of services for families living with dementia, sharing of good practice to inform high standard environmental design and the establishment and delivery of a national learning programme.  This is turn ensures digital concepts and technology are embedded in the practice of those designing and delivering support.  We have developed with partners, a suite of resources to support and inform both practitioners and families.

Our models and products, including Purple Alert and the Dementia Circle approach are replicable and could be applied to your area of work. 

If you would like to find out more,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how we can support you to deliver human centred service design and our modular learning programme.

Meet the Team

Gillian Anderson ~ The Tech Head

Gillian Anderson ~ The Tech Head

Gillian thinks binary, but talks people. She translates emerging digital service and product innovations into real world solutions for people living with dementia. Gillian leads on developing partnerships with manufacturers and innovators in health, social care and consumer technology.
Charlotte Swarbrick ~ The Energiser

Charlotte Swarbrick ~ The Energiser

Charlotte supercharges the team with her energy and enthusiasm. She brings considerable expertise from her clinical background and in-depth knowledge of the NHS and statutory services. Charlotte leads on our work with the NHS, Health and Social Care Partnerships and PDS networks.
Nicola Cooper - The Creative

Nicola Cooper - The Creative

Nicola is our creative type, the one who makes us look good. She is our innovator and disruptor who ensures that our work is impactful and visible. Nicola leads on service design and delivery, and sharing the learning with Academia, Industry, Government and Health and Social Care, nationally and Internationally.
Tommy Petillo ~ The Designer

Tommy Petillo ~ The Designer

Tommy is our designer extraordinaire. Italian head, Scottish heart. He applies design thinking to every aspect of our work, from service innovation to new product design. Tommy has nurtured our Dementia Circle project from its initial conception and is our go-to person for user experience design.
Joyce Gray ~ The Mixologist

Joyce Gray ~ The Mixologist

Joyce brings all the elements of the team together. Her creative vision is inspirational and unique in our sector. She has a significant portfolio including Dementia Circle, the world leading Dementia Dog service, and Environmental Design innovations.

What can Design for Digital Consultancy offer you? 

  • Practical and inspiring learning experiences, bespoke designed to meet your organisational and staff needs – delivered in our specially designed training rooms or where you are
  • Informative tours of our Digital Dementia Resource Centre’s, where you can interact with fully functioning technology which has been tried and tested by people living with dementia and their carers
  • ‘Objective insight’ on site visits and dialogue with stakeholders, complete with full analysis and independent reporting services – we will work with you in the environments you need us, offering realistic solutions to develop and improve services
  • Interior design consultancy – offering a future-proof, user experience- led design dialogue and implementation plan
  • Advice, guidance and signposting on national and international digital strategy, inclusion, upskilling, interoperability, user consultation and experience discovery
  • A flexible pricing approach – our consultancy offering is built in a modular way so you have choice in what you need and can afford

What will Design for Digital Consultancy deliver for you?

We will support you to achieve your outcomes and improve your services to people living with dementia and their carers by

  • understanding the digital knowledge, skills & responsibilities expected of your service in a changing landscape
  • identifying and exploring areas of strengths or gaps in learning, and offer solutions
  • preparing your team for work based practical applications of skills and knowledge
  • creating opportunities to reflect, develop and share information learned
  • building on what has been learned and highlighted so you can continue to pursue opportunities to expand and promote excellence in dementia care

Get in Touch

Use the links below to contact us for more information about how we can support your work, follow us on Twitter, or view our YouTube channel.  


 “I was so impressed by the learning workshops which our staff received. They came out of the session buzzing and it was so refreshing to see how empowering it had made them feel - they couldn’t wait to try what they had learned and I felt confident to support that.”

Health & Social Care Partnership. Service Manager

"The team at Alzheimer Scotland thinks outside the box. They had this unique ability to understand what we were going through and offered cost effective, realistic ways in which we could improve how we were delivering our services to people living with dementia.”

NHS Acute Care, Team Lead

“I have had such positive feedback from the sessions already! Staff are saying that they pitched perfectly and they feel more confident with technology options. They felt it made such a difference actually seeing the products as opposed to just talking about them. The videos were fab too!”

Health & Social Care Partnership, Technology Enabled Care Lead.


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